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The following map is from Arthurian and dark age research by Stephen Holden.

map north 4

Key :  1. Teineth (Tanat) also known as Ruym . (The island formed where the two Tynes meet ) Vortimer lay siege to Hengest and Horsa here. (HB) 2.Ebchester . It was in this region that Vortimer fought Hengest around the river Derguentid (Derwent). (HB) 3.Epiacum-Ayles . Episfort (HB) Aegelsthrep (ASC) Vortimer and Categirn fought Hengest and Horsa here .Horsa and Categirn were slain. 4 Crecganford -Croucgin Roman Fort . the Saxons fought and slew 4000 Britons here and the Britons forsook Centlond (Kent-Lune) and fled to Lundenbyrig .Gildas mentions a number of Britons were caught wholesale in the mountains and slaughtered.5. (Burrow in Lonsdale)Lundenbyrig (ASC.).  6.Old Carlisle .Vortigerns base according to an  interpolation in one copy of the HB.  7 Caer Correi -Tancastre (Corbridge) Hengests fort.One of the few believable tidbits to come from the HRB. 8 Birdoswald . occupied by the Saxons until their position became untenable because of Arthur. 9. Croglin , a good candidate for the Glein (HB battle list).I much favour the White Lyne at the following number  10. Bewcastle .Fanum Coccidii to the Romans , later probably named CaerLin ?(from a 1293 reference to Hospital de Lennh) The medieval abandoned village (tower?) Dollorlin is close by *. The  fords on the Black Lyne near Blackpool to the east of Arthurs seat is nearby .Here Arthur fought the Saxons several times at the battles of Dubglass in the region of Linnius. (HB battle list).  11. Celidon wood . Geltwoods around Castle Carrock . (HB battle list plus other references).  12. Tribruit (Thirwall) on the banks of the Tipalt.(formerly Tripalt). Arthur fought the Saxons (HB battle list) with a possible reference to a later battle here at Tryfrwyd as mentioned in Pa Gur. 13 Battle of Bregouin according to Lot .Probably also the site of Urien Rhegeds  battle Cellawr Brewyn many years later.  14.  Mons Badonicus – Cross fell , Arthurs greatest victory .Mentioned in many works but also in the HB battle list and the Annales Cambriae.  15  Carlisle – A 12th Century writ mentions the location of Arthurs Chambers . Opposite St Cuthberts church at Blackfriars. Flint F. Johnson in ” Evidence of Arthur” expertly places  this as the most likely location of Camelot .It is also attested as Arthurs  capital in many medieval Romances and by Steve Mathews in “Arthur lives in Merry Carlisle”. .16. Camlan -Camboglanna Roman fort ( where Arthur fought Medrawt ) (After Crawford) (AC). Arthur probably mustered at Old Church Brampton   17. Dacre .another good  6th Century Monastery .Arthur was probably the Patron here . Blencathra , once known as BlenkArthure and in living memory as Arthurs saddle . Legend has it Arthurs men lie waiting here for his return.   18. Tarn Waddling and Castle Hewin in the Romances.  19. Voreda roman fort .  20.  Ambleside . English heritage maintain this was a base for a Post Roman warlord. Guoloph (Galava)?  21. Lammerside Castle , legend has it this may be Dolorous tower.*(note Dollorlin near Bewcastle).  22.Pendragon Castle . Hugh de Montfort  dedicated  this Castle  in honour of Uther Pendragon .The site is attested Roman as a solitary Roman coin was found here.  23  Arthuret . Famous battle of Armterid or  Arfderydd   after Skene . 24 Catlowdy adjacent to Rae burn is my favourite location for the battle of Catraeth.